"The GO Pill has totally changed the game for me, whether it be in my performance in workouts or in my programming for classes and clients. I have never taken a supplement that can both amp me up for a workout and allow me to sit down and focus immediately after. My recall and attention in class has gone through the roof, and my workout performance has increased tremendously. The fact that this pill can do both has allowed me to increase my stature in the workout community in the big city of Miami. I’m forever thankful to be a part of The GO Life family."

Cameron Adams
Trainer, FightClub MIA, Sobekick

"The GO Pill was an amazing surprise to say the least. The fact that such a pure, clean recipe can make such a difference in my drive and my performance throughout my workouts, is incredible! When I least expect it, I’m able to push myself even more than I thought I could. I can only hope that others experience the feelings of success that I do, after taking The Go Pill!"

Casey Simmons
Instructor, Barry’s Bootcamp

"The GO Pill makes me feel uplifted, alert, and capable no matter what time my training session is!! The mental zoning ability of The GO Pill makes it easy to block distractions and wandering thoughts, allowing a more focused training session every time!  I continuously record better performances on the days I take The GO Pill, and I’m able to train noticeably longer without loss of energy on those days. Lastly, The GO Pill makes me feel happy and energetic without a crash or jitters, which is extremely helpful in fighting CNS (Central Nervous System) fatigue often experienced with heavy training."

Heather Farmer
Olympic Weightlifter, CrossFit Coach