How many do I take?

A serving size is 4 pills, however there any a few variables to consider:
Take 4 if you are… 165lbs+ AND have experience with pre-workout supplements
Take 3 if you are… 135lbs-165lbs AND have experience with pre-workout
OR you are 165lbs+ but have NOT used pre-workout supplements
Take 2 if you are… under 135lbs
OR 135lbs-165lbs but have NOT used pre-workout supplements

What should I expect the first time I take The GO Pill?

Most users will experience increased energy and sustained endurance alongside a cognitive feeling described as enhanced focus, clarity, mood improvement and overall motivation. Users have reported increased endurance at the stage when muscle fatigue normally begins to set in, without experiencing any jitters or un-welcomed side effects.Due to the purity of the ingredients at times it can take a couple of sessions for your digestive system to fully absorb and integrate the nutrients.It is best to plan on taking the GO Pill at least few times to ensure proper dosage and full absorption.

How long does it take to activate?

Between 30-45 minutes, so plan accordingly. The physical benefits will last 1-2 hours, while the cognitive part will remain active few hours more.

What’s in The GO Pill?

We believe everyone should know exactly what they’re putting in their bodies. Thus, we’ve committed to making The GO Pill a full NON-Proprietary, fully transparent formula you can find all ingredients and amounts here. All ingredients are amongst the cleanest and purest available including three different trademarked ingredients to ensure highest purity and stability.

Where do you produce The GO Pill?

The GO Pill is fully produced in the USA in a facility that is CGMP and NSF certified meeting all FDA requirements for nutritional supplement manufacturing.

Can I take The GO Pill for the office or to study without exercising?

Exercise is the best and will remain the optimal way to activate the ingredients and get the highest benefits from the GO Pill; however, users have found tremendous results and increased efficiency at work and while studying.

Should I take The GO Pill on an empty or a full stomach?

Its preferable to have had some light food few hours (2-3) prior exercising. However, for many people working out using the GO Pill on an empty stomach have resulted in a higher perceived potency and effectiveness. We recommend making your own assessment based on desired results and personal routine.

Does The GO Pill counteract other medications?

If you are taking other medications, you should consult a healthcare professional before taking The GO Pill.

Is The GO Pill FDA approved?

All ingredients that make up The GO Pill are listed FDA approved ingredients.

Can I take it at night?

The energy portion of the Pill is designed to last 1-2 hours. To be safe, we suggest taking The GO Pill no less than 4-5 hours prior to your planned bed time.
*Note, this will also vary based on your caffeine sensitivity. There is a small amount (50mg) of caffeine in each Pill.

How long will it last?

The surge of energy and endurance will last 1-2 hours while the focus and other cognitive benefits will around for 3-4 hours.

Is the GO Pill a stimulant and why does it have a small amount of caffeine?

The GO Pill is not a stimulant but it does have a small quantity of caffeine to metabolize and absorb the active ingredients quickly into your body.

Is it vegan?

Vegan, Gluten Free and non GMO.

Why does it feel like taking Adderall?

Adderall is dextroamphetamine, not a supplement and must be taken under the supervision of a healthcare professional with a prescription. The GO Pill is a completely safe supplement, but the benefits of focus and clarity have often been compared to the ones of Adderall.

How often can I use it?

Prolonged use is recommended for maximum benefits. Do not take exceed 8 capsules per day.

Where can I acquire The GO Pill?

The GO Pill is exclusively available on, that is because by maintaining a direct-to-consumer model we can learn more directly about our customers and on how to improve constantly.